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Now, you can copy and paste excerpts from Rev. Hicks’ teachings directly into your own study notes or lesson plans, and you can print the complete sermon to your printer.
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Our Christ Gospel Search Engine gives you near instant access to thousands of pages of Bible studies, and it pulls together teachings on subject of particular interest to you. Even if you owned our extensive library of books, you would spend hours trying to find all the various passages where specific Scriptures or terms were explained.

By joining our search engine, you can find and cross-reference thousands of sermons and books from over 40 years of teachings by Rev. Hicks—all within just a few seconds of typing in your terms. We are constantly adding new materials to our data base as old sermons are transcribed and new sermons become available. Our library includes:

Many books by Rev. B. R. Hicks:

Over 2500 Sermon Studies (“Notes”) by Rev. B. R. Hicks
Complete King James Bible
Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance

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