Course Credit

Getting Bible Institute Credit for Your work

There are three Ways to Get Credit for Each Bible Institute Correspondence Course. This assumes you have completed the Admissions Application Form and have been accepted for enrollment.

1. Take your completed hard copy of your workbook to a local Christ Gospel Pastor, have him or her review your completion, sign the verification form, and return the completed verification form along with your payment via check or money order made payable to Christ Gospel Bible Institute, and mail to:

Christ Gospel Bible Institute

Christ Gospel Churches International, Inc.

P. O. Box 786

Jeffersonville, IN 47131-0786

Applications and Verification Forms are at the back of each workbook.

2. If you do not have a local pastor and still want to work with a hard copy, then you MUST send us your completed workbook, Course Application Form, and payment directly to the above address. Note: workbooks will NOT be returned to you unless you send us the postage pre-paid for the return of the workbook. Include a note that the extra payment is for this service.

OR *** the Quickest, Cheapest Way***

3. Process your workbook and your course credit application electronically. This assumes you purchased your workbook through electronic download. This avoids postage or shipping charges. To process your credit electronically, you MUST

a. Email us your completed workbook to and

b. Click the Next Page button to complete the Course Credit Form and Pay your Fee.

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