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Christ Gospel is a fundamentalist, Pentecostal Christian group. Like most Christian denominations, it espouses a set of doctrines known as the Apostles’ Creed. Like most Pentecostal groups, the church believes in the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues, and Christ Gospel services are exuberant celebrations. People sing, shout, dance, clap, run, praise, and worship God with all their being and all their might.

Yet at times the services are quiet enough to hear a pin drop as members study the Bible attentively.

assemblyA Worship Service at Christ Gospel Churches Int’l, Inc.® In Jeffersonville, Indiana

Christ Gospel churches believe that worshiping God embraces the use of all kinds of music and instruments. At our headquarters church, one will hear drums, guitars, saxophones, violins, trumpets, piano and organ to accompany the singing of traditional hymns, country gospel music, black gospel music, and even classical oratories.

The church emphasizes the importance of being united in the love of Christ, regardless of nationality, race, ethnicity, gender, or creed. In fact, Christ Gospel churches were racially integrated long before the rest of society—not because the church was politically active, but merely because it strongly believed this was the right way for Christians to be.

Neither its leaders nor Christ Gospel Affiliated Churches believe that they are the only Christians going to heaven. In fact, they maintain that Christians everywhere should rejoice whenever the name of Jesus Christ is upheld. Christ Gospel churches believe that their ministry is to help Christians discover a closer walk with God. Like other major religions in the world, Christ Gospel Churches believe that the ultimate experience of human beings is to achieve total oneness with the Divine; consequently, the church’s teachings involve helping Christians grow spiritually until Christ totally fills their lives.

Because they strive for perfect union with Christ, most church members renounce some activities that distract one’s mind from God, as it is their goal to live full, complete lives arialwhile keeping Christ at the center of their thoughts and activities.

The church, however, teaches that there are different levels of commitment to God, which are a matter of individual conscience. Although the church has a strong sense of religious commitment, there are no rigid requirements of conformity for membership. People are encouraged to devote their lives to God and to walk in the light of truth that God has given them personally. Most Christ Gospel members attend church, Bible study, or prayer groups several times a week. In all other respects they participate fully in all aspects of society. They believe in living full, wholesome lives, enjoying good, clean fun, marrying, rearing families, buying homes, going to school and college, developing careers, striving for excellence, and being responsible, moral citizens in all their actions.



Symbols of Christ Gospel Churches Int’l, Inc.®

When attending our headquarters church or any of our affiliated Christ Gospel Churches in the USA and around the world, you will notice two distinctive charts hanging in the front of the sanctuary. These two charts, which form the foundation for Christ Gospel’s doctrine and teachings, identify to the world that this is an affiliated Christ Gospel Church. The display of the charts in the sanctuary signifies that the religious services, teachings, and beliefs of that particular church are those of Christ Gospel Churches Int’l, Inc.®, and not those of any other religious organization or denomination.


Christ Gospel Churches Int'l, Inc.®


Christ Gospel Churches Int’l, Inc.® believes that all Scripture is profitable (II Timothy 3:16); hence, both the Old and New Testaments provide the eternal wisdom of God’s Holy Word and His plan for salvation. Hebrews, chapters 9-11, explains that the Mosaic Tabernacle in the Old Testament was a symbol, a picture, a type, a metaphor, for Jesus Christ, who is “a greater and more perfect tabernacle.” Therefore, if we want to obtain a detailed blueprint of how to grow according to the stature of Jesus Christ, we should study the Mosaic Tabernacle.

Each piece of furniture in the Mosaic Tabernacle pictures a particular spiritual experience and a stage of personal growth that Christians attain as they strive to an ever more perfect union with God. The words on this chart correlate to King David’s vision for spiritual growth described in the 119th Psalm. Consequently, our lessons often allude to the Old Testament Tabernacle, for that is our blueprint to becoming more like Jesus Christ.

For more information on the symbolism of the Mosaic Tabernacle, see the following books in our eStore: Growing to the Fullness of Eternal LifePrecious Gem in the Tabernacle, and Precious Gem in the Tabernacle: Volume 2.


Christ Gospel Churches Int'l, Inc.®

Our second major chart, the Three-fold Nature of Man, details the aspects of our being (body, soul, and spirit), as it is made like a wheel and in the image of God. This chart shows how our senses operate in the three levels of our being, and it fits with the Stature of Jesus Chart because it shows how we must transform these parts of ourselves through spiritual growth.

This conceptual framework resolves the problem of “sin” in the Christian’s life. For centuries, Christians have struggled with the apparent contradiction that as Christians they sin no more, for in Christ they are a new creature, yet in reality, even “saved Christians” still get angry, say hurtful things, and sometimes do wrong. The new heart, the new man inside of us, is Christ, and He does not sin, but we humans still have our carnal, fleshly natures that have to be transformed by God’s Grace. By confronting our carnal natures and surrendering all aspects of our sensing faculties over to Christ’s guidance, we can walk according to His Will and experience that state of total union with Him. God’s love transforms our sinful prideful nature, reorients our senses physically, mentally, and spiritually, so that we focus more on God and His Goodness rather than on the petty and often destructive pursuits that many indulge in today.

For more information on this chart, see these books in our eStore: The Threefold Nature of Man, Volumes 1, 2, and 3.

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