Our Worship Style

Understanding Our Demonstrative Style of Worship

Worship services at a Christ Gospel Church are exuberant celebrations of God’s Love, Light, and Life. They are a time of joy, a time of gratitude, a time of releasing, and a time of transformation. We shout, we dance, we leap, and we speak in tongues. We clap our hands in song and in praise, and we lift our hands in prayer and surrender. We cry and groan in intercession and travail, as the Holy Spirit moves and speaks through us.

Sometimes, we tremble and shake, and fall out in a trance or pray face down, as a symbol of total surrender to our LORD.

All these demonstrative worship experiences uplift our hearts and cleanse our minds so that we can receive God’s Word on a deeper level. Once people open their hearts to these spiritual experiences, they find great inspiration and renewal, and, more importantly, a closer walk with Jesus Christ and a greater understanding of His Word.

Our worship services follow a principle of total freedom of expression, a principle well established in God’s Holy Word.

Spiritual Freedom means to be liberated from fleshly control, both from within and from without. It means to have immunity from the specified control and obligations of unknowledgeable people who would prevent us from performing true worship to the LORD from our spiritual heart. Spiritual liberty implies the absence of hindrance, restraint, and confinement of the LORD’s Holy Spirit by one’s carnal reasoning.


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