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The correspondence courses are one of the better ways to follow a pathway through the myriad of books, notes, and thousands of sermons of Rev. Berniece R. Hicks. Our courses are available in hard copy workbooks, and soon, all our courses will be available for electronic download, so that you may complete your workbook on the computer and email it back to us for credit.

To Take Courses Only

You may be interested in taking the course only as a study guide and not for Bible Institute credit. This is fine. If so, you need only to purchase the workbook through our eStore and use it on your own. You need not apply for enrollment or send in the Application and Verification form to take the exams.

To Obtain Credit

To obtain credit, you must first apply for admission to the Bible Institute and be officially enrolled as a student. Then, as you complete each course, you will send in proof of your workbook’s completion, and receive the final exam. You will email or mail your completed exam in for credit. All courses are graded on a pass/fail basis. To enroll for credit, click here – Admissions Form For processing your completed workbooks and taking final exams, click here – Instructions.

Suggested Start

It is often best to begin with the Basic Doctrine – Phase A and Basic Doctrine – Phase B courses. These are the foundational courses that will prepare you to study the other more advanced subjects. To see the entire curriculum, click here – Bible Institute Curriculum.

Purchase Materials

All text and workbooks are to be purchased through the Press Department or the eStore, but the application for enrollment or for the course exam should be sent directly to the Bible Institute.

Questions, Comments, Inquires

Any questions regarding the Correspondence Courses should be directed to:

Christ Gospel Institute,
P. O. Box 786,
Jeffersonville, IN. 47131-0786
Phone: (812) 282-8458, Ext. 1104.


REMINDER: you may not reproduce, give, sell, or distribute workbooks or our material without the express permission of Christ Gospel Churches Int’l, Inc.®

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