Sunday School

Sunday School is a special time of study and fellowship that is important in the life of our church.  Join us on Sunday mornings from 9:45 am – 10:50 am.

For a large congregation such as ours, Sunday School offers small group settings where members of the congregation can connect with their peers as they learn how to apply the principles learned in worship services.  Our Sunday School classes bring an experience of a small close-knit community.

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Classes and teachers may change from time to time.


Rev. Tom Arslanian

Office Staff:    

Imogene Deuchert

Children and Youth

Classes                          Teachers

Babyland:                       Edith Thomas

18 months – 3 years:      Stephanie Gardner, Kathy Conn

3 – 4 years:                        Sylvia Kennedy

Preschool &
Kindergarden (4 and 5 yrs.):   Susan Ashby, Marcella Hawkins

1st – 2nd Grades:         Gloria Nesbitt

3rd – 4th Grades:         Sandra Spriggs

5th – 7th Grades:         Judy Williams, Linda Burner

8th – 10th Grades:         David & Becky Valois

11th Grade – College:         Don Woods


General Adult Classes

Young Married Couples:      Nathan Plack

This class focuses on young married couples and there spiritual and natural walk in the Crucified Way.

Crucified Way 101:     Revs. Ovidio & Roxanne Pena

Assistant:                     Kirk Johnson, Sr

This class focuses on foundational principles for individuals who are new to the church and to the Crucified Way Message of growing in God.

Love, Life, Light:         Delores Terry

Assistant:                      Robert Blackshear

This class is especially oriented toward couples and families with children who want to grow together in the LORD and create a loving, nurturing Christian home and more harmonious relationships.

Mountain Climbers:      Rev. Charl Murray

Assistant:                         Dan Mowery, Herman Meyer

This class focuses on growing in God and is for more mature Christians.

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