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Berniece Richards at age 16 at the Methodist Orphans
Home in Versailles, Kentucky
Hogar Victoria is the fulfillment of a life-long dream of its founder, Rev. Berniece R. Hicks. Having suffered the heartache of abandonment and reared in an orphans’ home, Berniece Richards yearned to help other little children, who were left alone, scared, and unloved.

A Miracle of Faith

In the beginning, Rev. Hicks found a dollar stuck in her Bible, and the LORD spoke to her that it was a seed gift from Him for an orphans’ home. Then, in 1959, when she unexpectedly received a gift for $600, Rev. Hicks knew that her seed money had grown to $601, and it was time to move forward. It seemed preposterous that such a small amount could support such a major undertaking. Yet she trusted the vision she received from the LORD. She asked her friend, Dr. Graciela Esparza, to help her find a place in Mexico for an orphans’ home.

Sis. Graciela knew of one wealthy lady, Senora Andrade, who owned a ranch in Necaxa, then a long journey from Mexico City, but she had no way of knowing whether this lady was even there. Yet Rev. Hicks insisted they make the trip to share their dream and stand on the LORD’s promise. Miraculously, this lady was home, and she agreed to sell her ranch for a mere pittance: $500 down and $40 a month for the remainder of her life, a promise that Rev. Hicks faithfully kept. Orphans Home 7
Orphans Home 8 (One of many success stories: “In 1963, when I was 9 years old, my mother died of cancer. Unable to care for us, my father sent my five younger brothers and me to Hogar Victoria. I was scared and hurting—grieving the loss of my mom and angry at my dad for abandoning us. But when I saw the beautiful ranch with its flowering trees, green woods, and pond, my heart felt peace. Here, I learned to study, work hard, and achieve. Here, I learned love and forgiveness, that God had a plan for my life. I graduated from college and took up social work so I could share with others the loving guidance I had received. I now have my own wonderful family. I am forever grateful to Hogar Victoria, Rev. Hicks, Rev. Esparza, and, most of all, to God for my journey.” — Reyna Díaz Olmedo


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