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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Doubting Israel Hickey 005-22-2017
I always have doubts if God is real, like I can say right now I believe in him I can pray and shout and feel the spirit all day but when i get home or where im by myself I get bombarded with the enemy, telling me he\'s not real or something just to take me and turn me around. I wanna ask for someone to help carry the burden with me help me overcome it
Breast cancerKesha Gerena005-22-2017
That God Will be done concerned this situation.
God Save EricAlfred Brown005-21-2017
God Save Eric McDonald!!! Please pray for Eric McDonald.Pray for his salvation.Pray Eric come himself and accept Jesus as his Savior so everything in his life changes!!!
FreeRobert Heath005-21-2017
Please send a Jesus book 2335 crooks st Ashland KY 41101
Lord Let ur will be done in my life.Ebenezer Acquah105-18-2017
I want God to use me like peter, who was fill with the holy spirit. I also need a God fearing woman to marry, and lastly want a visa to work at USA/Canada/Australia/UK.
revelation in GOD WORDAnonymous105-18-2017
Please pray for me fresh revelation in God word fresh anointhing i need a job for more than five years i dont have job my childrens at high school please pray for healing in my body
Healing Pamela Demps205-17-2017
I have been sick and the doctors are unable to determine what's wrong. I have been to the ER with which stomach problems, heart palpitations and was given Benadryl Please pray that the LORD identify the problem, heal it and I never be troubled with it again. Thanks for your payers.
Pls. pray for my healing and for peace in my family and for all I hold dear in prayer
off ventalitor.....need miracleKenny B.105-16-2017
For God to heal him and his ventilator now... he needs a Miracle
Job transferAnonymous105-12-2017
We are from India. My wife is working as an officer in SBI bank in hyderabad, Telangana state. She wants to transfer from Telangana state to ANDHRA PRADESH state circle. Now this transfer is very important to us. Please pray for the transfer.
long haul cargo van deliverieslori Mullikin105-11-2017
more work and weight loss, fresh fire
Urgent prayerJocelyn T305-08-2017
Please pray that God delivers me (Jocelyn) from this pit I’m in by pulling me out with His mighty hand and setting me firmly on His path. May I always walk the path that He laid out for me. Please also pray that God frees me from and protects me from my pit pusher/ jailer permanently.
Peace with myself and GodAnonymous105-07-2017
I dont know how to explain this, first i am angry with myself for making stupid decisions and choices,second i am angry with God becuase i have acknowledged my sins, asked for forgiveness, i have tried so hard to stay in line,but its like my punishment is not about to stop, i know we got to live with the consequences of our stupid decisions but if i change my ways why do i have to have all yhe bad things happening to me every day? Why is it like i am doomed to never recover from it? If God has forgiven me why cant i get a second chance? I know that being angry with God is not going to help, yes i get so angry that i say thats it i am done with Him,but the next minute i have nobody to turn to, i find myself calling His name again because He is the only one i have. I really dont know how to describe my situation but at times i wish i was dead, though i dont know what happens after i die, i am hoping it is like a dreamless sleep. My life is a mess right now, i dont see no way out
Yes this person needs a miracle all around, job, health, and her 2 little children as well
Prayer for SatisfactionSuneel Ejaz105-06-2017
Dear Pastor, I am Suneel and I work in a bank. From last couple of years my life is getting tormoil due to professional stresses; things went wrong without any malafide intentions. I am very much disturbed and this disturbance makes my health and family suffer. Sometime it comes to my mind to finish myself. I request with a faith to pray for me. Actually i want to know that exactly God's plan in my life. Please pray for me because i believe that a prayer of righteous can change the scenario. Thanks & Regards, Suneel Ejaz
HEALTHludovic sarraz-bournet105-05-2017
sorry to ask you again / Please pray to God for mr jacques sarraz-bournet and his wife andrea in grenoble. He has helped many Christians as a doctor. He now can t move with a cardiac pace maker. God help him to live maybe a couple more years That Jesus helps him to go better and that he has less back pain. Moreover he helped a Christian family and was good-hearted
Desperate mother!Son destroying life with drugs Anonymous205-04-2017
My son is a slave to drugs he doesn't care if he has food a home etc. as long as he can get his next fix. He comes from a divorce family an abusive father and stepfather. He can't deal with life so he uses drugs to numb himself. I'm desperate to see my son delivered and live a normal life. He was living with me , but I had to ask him to leave because he was smoking drugs in his room. He is 23 years old will be 24 in June. I have a hole in my heart. I so need help to break the chains that bind him.
back payLori and Bob Mullikin105-03-2017
I have a prayer request. After 911 Usairways ramp agents took almost a 8 dollar an hour pay cut. When the company filed bankruptcy a lot of employees lost their 401k, pensions in company stock. I've been praying for redemption for a while now. I talked to my old friends in Orlando and since American bought Usairways out they are getting the back pay from 911 and bringing them up to the correct pay scale. My prayer requests is for the company to redeem, payback to all employees that took the pay cuts and offer free flight benefits to those that were effected whether they are still employed or not they still took the pay cut and were promised to be reinstated once the company became profitable again. I'd like to call in the harvest and ask for justice.
Medical Retirement Being SubmittedAnonymous105-02-2017
I'm asking the Lord to bless me to retire this year fue to multiple medical conditions. I would also retire to get custody of my grandchild because his mother is on heroine.
Wisdom and guidance of Holy SpiritDavid Singh104-30-2017
Newly started Bible School in Ajmer Rajasthan India.Elected student will come and get trained. In Jesus name blind will see.lame will walk,deaf will hear and sick will be healed in Jesus Name.Dead will raised in Jesus Name. Daily anointing upon me for the extension of Kingdom of God.
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