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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Prayer requestJonathan Shako003-29-2017
Dear friends. Greetings from Kenya Africa How are you doing?Hope all is well with you and the lord has been good so far,am writing in request for your prayers concerning the work of God and the vision that I have. Am from Kenya Africa am born again Christian serving full time ministry in evangelism,missions and outreach programs,we do street evangelism,open air Evangelism in slums,villages,Estates and interior villages where gospel is still hard to reach,we do both mini and mega crusades and Jesus Films Shows as the lord provides. it's the 16th year I got saved am married to one wife and we have two children. Am also trusting God for the provisions to be able to purchase new Van and sound system for full time evangelism ministry pray for this too.i have a project to reach 50M souls in the next 20yrs that is why am trusting God for new Vans and sound system to accomplish this great trusting God for $10 to $50K to buy van and sound system to reach deep to the unreached.
Guidance/ patience Wesley Armbrust003-26-2017
I am staying strong in the Lord God, that I remain humble Give me patience so that I may be rational Provide for me, and allow me to give my life daily when things do not look promising
Evil wicked serpent thoughts Reginald Blackmon003-25-2017
Pray that the bloods of CHRIST stand up in my mind.. I'm having wicked thoughts against God and I know I belong to the LORD
Hunger for a Prayer life and FastingAnonymous003-24-2017
Hunger Appetite For a prayer life combine with fasting Deliverance from my greatest enemy my self
Prayers NeededAndy L.003-24-2017
Hi I need prayer to completely defeat lust in my life and the after affects, it has been a source of many of my problems, thank you very much for your prayers... Blessings to you! Andy Also... I need prayers so that I can go to bed early, so that I can be productive during the day, also that I can pay all my bills off. And get out of debt, so that I can give generously to deserving ministries... I also have a court case coming up I HAVE to get ready for, moving out of state for a job, and Rosa getting married! Thank you very much for the prayers... amen... blessings to you!... Andy Further…I would like prayers so that I could start talking to ex-girlfriend Dyna again and have a good relationship with her and her daughter, and that she would be on fire for God! And if she is not the one, then to find a Godly wife.Thank you very much and blessings 🙂 Andy
HealingSathish Hari003-23-2017
Heal me.
My LifeJORGE CORTES003-22-2017
I would like to put my life before the LORD. I need to know about what my spiritual life and how God sees about me
Complete Healing in the bodyKelly Holman003-20-2017
Pray for my liver and blood circulation in my leg. Remove the diseases Diabetes...
revelation Anonymous003-18-2017
Please pray for me so God open his door of his word
Need feedWilliam Walker003-15-2017
Dear friends in Christ: Please pray for me and my mother
MVA SettlementKimberly Coleman003-15-2017
Asking God for grace and favor concerning a car accident I was in 3 years ago. The case is going into Arbitration and I'm asking God to give me favor with the assigned arbitrator Mr. P and grant me my petition as far as the settlement amount goes. I've suffered tremendous pain since the accident.
My GrandsonKimberly Coleman003-15-2017
I'm praying and asking God to open the door for the grandson to be able to come and live with me.
EmanuelKimberly Coleman003-15-2017
I pray that the LORD will give Emanuel the spirit of Obedience to walk in God's Will and not his own.
Accepting and Walking In the Call on My lifeKimberly Coleman003-15-2017
I pray that the LORD will continue to work the Will and Do in me to continue to accept and walk in the call that is upon my life and that the hand of God will begin to activate and operate within my Will. I'm asking Him to grow and stir up the gifts that He has placed within me under His Headship. I'm asking the LORD to teach me how to yield to the gift of Prophecy that He has placed within me. To put His words in my mouth. Jeremiah 1:5-10.
Daughters Deliverance from HeroineKimberly Coleman003-15-2017
I would like to request prayer for deliverance for my daughter Mayah, who is addicted to heroine.
spiritual guidancejohanna moreno103-14-2017
we were pastors and now we trying to find a new church close to us,401-359-7885
please we need help!!Anonymous003-13-2017
My prayer request, wow. first I want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for every blessing that He has blessed me with. What I need prayer is my marriage. Its been really hard since my husband retired from the military in 2014. MY husband and I are homeless and we can't seem to get the military to help. When my husband first got out they messed up on his paper work and we didn't get paid for 3-4 months and we let the creditor know and they still send us to collection agents which dropped our credit scores. Can you please help us I don't know what else to do. Can you please help my husband and I we will be so great full. May God Bless you so helping out a soldier and his wife.
moneysathish hari103-12-2017
let me earn for me.pray.
Please pray for her well being. and recuperation, of a new discover cancer to the bones;.that the treatments give good result and that the alternative options are guided by our LORD! Thank you,
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